Ann Chia-Yi Li


Director of Program

Ann Chia-Yi Li, MA, received her diploma in 2012 from International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (ISAP) and is the first certificated Jungian Analyst in Taiwan. She is the member of IAAP, AGAP, and is a faculty member of ISAP Zurich, where she had served on the Zurich Lecture Series Committee for two years (2013 and 2014) and she keeps serving on ISAP Program Committee since 2013. She maintains a private practice in Zurich.

Ann is the founder of Taiwan MuShuei.Jung Culture Company, aiming to bring home to Taiwan the study of Analytical Psychology via translating Jungian books into Chinese. She has translated the documentary Matter of Heart and the book Jungian Psychology Unplugged into Chinese. She also initiates International MuShuei.Jung Annual Conference and Retreat in Taiwan since 2015, introducing the teachings of ISAP training and supervising analysts to Asian Jungian learners.

Ann’s latest project is to cofound a systematic Jungian study program through the establishment of Analytical Psychology School SG in Singapore, which aims to facilitate the in-depth study of Analytical Psychology in the region of Far East and South East Asia.

Ann has delivered lectures and seminars in Europe, Asia, and America, on the themes of Daoist Alchemy as seen in Analytical Psychology; the interpretation on The Red Book images; Culture and Trauma; and Chinese Mythology.