Admission Qualification

Admission Qualification

Analytical Psychology School SG (APSS) welcomes everyone that is interested in the pursuit of in-depth personal-growth to join our community. This professional course serves every individual with their topic of interest according to their personal time and space.

Individuals who are committed to the APSS and its three-year program, they will gain an understanding of the following: Eleven areas in the study of Analytical Psychology and Five specific studies on special topics; such as Alchemy and Synchronicity. Upon completion of these topics, individuals will be conferred with certificate from APSS.

Certificate in The Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology

Graduation Requirements

Admission to the Certification in “The Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology” is based on the applicant’s psychological maturity, preparedness, readiness, and academic ability. The applicant has to hold a professional license or be a member of a mental health association. To become a Graduate, it is dependent upon the Certifying Committee’s review and assessment of the candidate’s successful completion of the program requirements.

Specific criteria included below:

1) The completion of the three-year curriculum courses of Fundamentals of Analytical    Psychology or 140 credit hours;

2) Two symbol papers – 15 pages of text and not more than 20 pages each;

3) A short thesis paper – 40 pages text and not more than 50 pages;

4) A minimum of 80 hours of Personal Analysis;

5) An oral examination on Fundamentals of Analytical Psychology


This Certificate (The Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology) won’t authorize the graduates to conduct psychoanalytical work as Jungian Analysts. Further training is required to qualify one to be a Jungian Analyst.