Our Mission


So long as he knows that he is the carrier of life
and that it is therefore important for him to live,
then the mystery of his soul lives also –
no matter whether he is conscious or not.

But if he no longer sees the meaning of his life in his fulfilment,
and no longer believes in man’s eternal right to his fulfilment,
then he has betrayed and lost his soul, substituting for it a madness
which leads to destruction,
as our time demonstrates all too clearly.

— C. G. Jung, CW 14, § 201

The Mission of The School

The Analytical Psychology School SG (APSS) provides comprehensive educational programs in the theory and practice of Analytical Psychology. The school programs study and elaborate the ideas of C. G. Jung:

  • Examining and understanding the manifold perspective of Analytical Psychology
  • The associate fields of knowledge in history, anthropology, mythology, fairy tales, and creative arts.

Our lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences are designed for mental health practitioners, interested individuals from other discipline, and general public. The School’s programs and services are provided to make it accessible in Singapore and the region.

The School is committed to delivering and maintaining the highest standard of Jungian analytical education and training; bridging practitioners to their Jungian program with APSS’s affiliated institutes and associations.

It is the mission of Analytical Psychology School SG to be the connecting bridge between analytical psychology and transformation in the everyday world. We aim to spearhead in-depth analytical psychology in the region and make this transformational learning ground available to all.

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