02nd to 03rd March

Murray Stein

Murray Stein, PhD
Training and Supervising Jungian Analyst,
President of IAAP (2001-2004) and ISAP Zurich (2008-2012)

Ann Chia

Ann Chia-Yi Li, MA
Graduate Jungian Analyst, ISAP Zurich

02nd March 2019, Saturday to 03rd March 2019, Sunday:

Open Lecture
I just can’t think straight!! The role of ego in the course of becoming conscious.

Reading seminar
Doing or Being? Some reflections on Daoist meditation and Jungian Active Imagination.

Case Study
Conflict, Change, Resolution in The Red Book.

Open Seminar
The Anguish of Making Difficult Choices: Navigating in Water and Fire in Jung’s Red Book.


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