Y2: Shadow and Emotion

Year 2: Shadow and Emotion – Jungian Perspectives on Relationship

The stirring up of conflict is a Luciferian virtue
in the true sense of the word.

Conflict engenders fire, the fire of affects and emotions,
and like every other fire it has two aspects,
that of combustion and that of creating light.

On the one hand,
emotion is the alchemical fire

whose warmth brings everything into existence and
whose heat burns all superfluities to ashes.

But on the other hand, emotion is the moment
when steel meets flint and a spark is struck forth, for
emotion is the chief source of consciousness.

There is no change from darkness to light or
from inertia to movement without emotion.

— C. G. Jung, CW9, §179

Weekend Programs:

Weekend Program 1: 23rd – 24th September, 2017

Weekend Program 2: 11th – 12th November, 2017

Weekend Program 3: 13th – 14th January, 2018

Weekend Program 4: 24th – 25th March, 2018

Weekend Program 5: 05th – 06th May, 2018

Weekend Program 6: 14th – 15th July, 2018