Zurich Retreat 2018


We had our the inaugural Analytical Psychology School SG – Zurich Retreat 2018. This Retreat was open to our students and friends of Jung in the region.

Many joined us for an opportunity to study in the city of Zurich. The city is the heart of Europe and also the heart of Jung.  This unique Retreat Week was for all who are interested in understanding Jung’s central concepts of Analytical Psychology.

This Retreat offered pure Analytical Psychology studies combined with excursion of sites to explore its deeper meaning.

Download the registration form here: Enrollment Zurich Retreat 2018

Course Fees 2018

Zurich Retreat (10th -16th March, 2018) Course Fee:
Administration Fee SG$ 50
Full Program SG$ 1, 800

*Cancellation Policy

  • No are cancellations are accepted close to the date of departure.
  • Enrollment fee of $50 is non refundable

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