2nd Weekend Program: 26-27th Nov


 Lionel Corbett


Lionel Corbett,

Training and Supervising Jungian Analyst,

Pacifica Graduate Institute.

09:00 Registration
09:30 Open Psychotherapeutic approaches to suffering: The discovery of meaning
11:30 This lecture will discuss some of the ways in which meaning can be found in
suffering, and the ways in which suffering may contribute to the individuation
process. Suffering can be seen as an archetypal process of liminality and may
lead to necessary radical acceptance of the demands of the Self.
Lunch Break
13:30 Reading The archetypal and personal dynamics of psychotherapy
15:30 Jung has some important things to say about the archetypal and
interpersonal dynamics involved in psychotherapy. This seminar will discuss a
selection of Jung’s writing from CW 16, The practice of psychotherapy, with
special reference to the mutual influence of therapist and patient. We will
relate his comments to some recent developments in relational
Tea Break
16:00 Case Psychopathology in fairy tales:
Study An archetypal and psychodynamic approach.
This seminar will discuss a variety of forms of psychopathology found in
various fairy tales from the Grimm’s collection. We will also look at some fairy
tales that depict elderly people, to demonstrate the specific developmental
tasks of later life as revealed by fairy tales.
09:00 Open Does evil have meaning?
11:00 This lecture will discuss a variety of approaches to the problem of evil,
including Jung’s notion of the dark side of the Self, the relationship between
the personal and the archetypal shadow, complexes that produces evil, and
some contemporary psychoanalytic approach to evil.



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