Weekend Program: 21 – 22 Jan 2017


Andre De Koning

André de Koning

Training and Supervising Jugian Analyst,

a member of NAAP and IAAP

09:00  Registration
09:30 – 11:30


Open Lecture Psychic Disconnection and Loss of Meaning

The central theme of the lecture will be the importance of the connection between consciousness and the unconscious. References and examples relating to the Shadow and dream interpretation will be explored.

Lunch Break


Reading Seminar


Dream Analysis and “Dreamwork”.

Following up on some examples of Jung’s interpretation of a series of dreams, we will explore more contemporary dreamwork as an experiential way of working with dreams. It will be an introduction to the Dream workshop following this seminar. (CW of Jung: in particular Psychology and Alchemy).

 Tea Break


Case Study


Dream Workshop

We will work with dreams that participants contribute in a group in a way where the possibility of embodied dreamwork enriches and stimulates the connection with the unconscious via dreams, which are, after all, the royal road to the unconscious. Imagination and focus on what happens in the body are aspects of this approach, apart from the usual search for their meaning.

09:00 – 11:00 Open Seminar Individuation as Seen in Eastern and Western Alchemy

In this lecture we look at the process of individuation in terms of the metaphor of alchemy and the divergences and convergences of Eastern and Western approaches and descriptions of alchemy as a psychological process toward wholeness.

11:15-11:30  Closing

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