Weekend Program: 4th – 5th March 2017

Lucienne Marguerat

Lucienne Marguerat, Training and Supervising Jungian Analyst, ISAP Zurich

March 2017, Saturday:

0900 – 0930 Registration + Tea
0930 – 1130  Open Lecture: Insane? The Hidden Meaning of Modern Visual Art
1130 – 1330  Discussion and Lunch Break
1330 – 1530 Reading Seminar: C.G. Jung on Art/ Space Symbolism
1530 – 1600 Tea Break
1600 – 1800  Case Study: Understanding Pictures: Space and Color Symbolism in Clinical Material
1800 – 1930 Supervision with Analysts by Appointment*

*Please drop us an email at info@jung-sea.com

March 2017, Sunday:

0900 – 1100 Lecture with Discussion: ‘I had to become aware that I had lost my soul’, C.G. Jung’s Paintings in His Red Book
1100 – 1130  Closing
1130 – 1330 Lunch Break
1330 – 1830 Free Afternoon and Supervision/Personal Analysis by Appointment*

*Please drop us an email at info@jung-sea.com

To Apply:*^
Download Application Form Here
*Under “Comments/Remarks”, indicate March Weekend Courses

Weekend Program  – Pay here (includes a S$25 non-refundable administrative fee)
*Under “Comments/Remarks”, indicate March Weekend Courses

^Do ensure you have submitted your application form to info@jung-sea.com before proceeding with your payment for our courses should you choose to make an online payment instead of sending a cheque. Refund charges applies.

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